15 March 2009

Governor Perry Lies & State by State list of "Stimulus" money!

In Texas, Governor Rick Perry has rejected over $500-million dedicated to the rescue of the state's financially doomed unemployment fund. This tactic is straight from the Republican Resistance movement headed up by drug-addict, Rush Limbaugh, and hell's imp, Dick Cheney.

Perry continues the tradition of Texas Republicans in punishing the poor, working families, minorities, and older people by pursuing the nihilistic politics of the past which helped create the mess we're now in. Perry claims that accepting the money will cause future tax increases on businesses to continue the funding of jobless benefits. Perry lies!

The truth is that the fund already is a short six-months away from deficit at which time there will be required---yes! that is correct: An unemployment tax increase for businesses! The governor knows this and his refusal to accept the money to stave off that increase amounts to no more than a politically based assault on the poor and working families of Texas. Oh yeah, just a tad of posturing also---if you're inclined to be cynical.

Here is the truth, accepting the $555-million and making some tweaks and adjustments to the current unemployment program would allow its solid funding for the next ten years. Perry knows this, but lies in order to frighten businesses and play the old anti-government card so beloved by uninformed and reactionary conservatives as he preps for his 2010 reelection bid.

What Perry does not seem to know is that we had an election in 2008 resulting in the vividly clear and resounding loud message that we Americans have had a gut full of being lied to and gamed by our politicians. Perhaps we can drive that message home for him in 2010.

Meanwhile, the Legislature could try to accept the money by way of provisions in federal laws. That, however, would require a two-thirds veto proof majority. The only way that will happen is if you stay informed and let your State Representatives know that you would support them in such an action.