03 November 2008

Tuesday - Most Important Day in History

Tuesday is the most important day of our lives and perhaps the most important day since this country was founded. At no other time in our history have we been closer to to the end than we are at this moment. We have very nearly lost our country.

Americans will decide between Fascism and freedom, between hope and hatred, between ideology and idealism, between decency and decadence. Never before has the choice been so clear cut and obvious.

If the polls are anywhere near correct, Tuesday, November 4, Americans will repudiate a devastating war built on lies. We will turn our backs on gay-bashing, and for ever shun racist thinking as a test of person's worth to provide leadership. We will tell the purveyors of hatred and nihilistic selfishness, "No More!" We've had enough.

We will vote to support the Constitution and to send home the liars, the torturers, and turn out the greedy mendicants who have savaged the economy, all but destroyed the American Dream and to this day still attempt to "Hoover up" every dime, nickle and penny of the people's money they can sniff out.

We will throw off eight years of the shackles of regression masquerading as conservatism and narrow, bitter-faced, and clinched-lip religious fundamentalism pretending to be "faith".

In short, America is on the verge of rediscovering its core values. Our innate sense of decency is reasserting its self and we are finding that we can overcome fear and darkness. We were lost and are finding our way again.

Be a part of this historic moment and Vote Democratic and help restore the American Dream.

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