15 April 2010

Rules to Live By

At age 70 I find there are some rules which I live by, that I think would serve everyone very well:

If it ain't yours, keep your damned hands off of it!

There are friends and then there are acquaintances.  Never confuse the two.  One will give it up for you, and the other will be on the sidelines cheering---maybe.

You can choose your friends, but you're pretty much stuck with your family.

Never pick a fight you can't win.  It is a waste of energy and health.  Besides, if you're clever and devious enough you'll never have to fight, there's always some bozo eager to do it for you.  Or else, figure out a way to win even it requires your investment in a two-by-four and ambush.  If it is important enough to fight over, then you should be damned certain you do what is necessary to win.

Never leave the house until the bed is made, the dishes washed and put away, and the floors vacuumed, mopped or swept. Burglars appreciate tidiness as much as anyone.

Your parents are not always right.  Not by a long shot.  But, they are always your parents and generally know more about stuff than you do.

This one I learned early on in a pool hall.  You must always keep one foot on the floor...it's a damned good rule.  If you have both feet up, it's probable that you'll come down on your butt.

Never hesitate to stand up to bullies.  That is the one thing bullies implode over.  Questions?  See my rules about "fighting".

Religion IS the opiate of the people.  Beware those who peremptorily announce their love of Jesus and be certain you check your silverware after they leave.

Just because the telephone rings, you do not have to answer it.  If it's urgent, they'll call back or leave a message. Your time belongs to you and you determine how it is to be used

The world is divided into two sorts of people, those who manage their time and those who allow time to manage them.  One group lead richer lives than does the other.

If you're a male, learn to cook, sew, do dishes, the wash and maintain the housecleaning.  If you're female, learn how to add, subtract &  multiply, how to tune up a car and change the oil, and how to mow, and to how keep a checkbook.  The corollary is that all children should learn all of these things early on.

It is doubtful that that which we call God reads bumper stickers or online messages.  Many people pray or "witness", but few meditate--praying & "witnessing" is talking and meditating is listening for the response!

You can't miss what you've never had, so it is better not to take that first puff, sip or hit.

We're not born with an expiration date.  We do not have a "Use By" date stamped on the soles of our feet.  We're not in a race to the finish line.  Remember, "In a twinkling"?  Live each moment to its fullest.

Life is transient.  Accept that.  But, remember that energy cannot be destroyed and if Einstein was correct, and I have no reason to doubt it--nor do you, and since all matter is composed of energy, our deaths are merely a process of molecular change.  Accept it and enjoy the moment and wonder about the marvelous possibilities of the "new" you..

If you've never been lost in the woods or lost sight of the shore it means you have never ventured far enough.

We almost always wind up regretting the things we did not do, and not the things we did.  There is no such thing as success or failure...there is only the process and there is always more to be done.  Life is a journey, not a destination.

Those who announce that they will "try", or "give it their best shot" , or will "hopefully" succeed rarely do.  I'm "Gonna" never does anything.  Team up with those who say "I will" and you will!

We're much too soon old and way too late smart.

If it ain't yours, keep you damned hands off of it!  Yeah, I know.  I'm repeating myself.  You might want to think why!


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