01 July 2010

Unemployed? Send Your Resume to Congress & POTUS!


Since May 31, a short month ago, more than 1.2-million American unemployed workers (maybe an oxymoron-can you still be a worker if you're out of job) have lost their unemployment benefits because they have been unemployed for longer than 6-months.  Shame on them, lazy bunch of layabouts.

According to Nevada's Tea-Party (I am so happy to see that it is not Texas alone that breeds these insipid idiots) senatorial candidate, Sharon Angle, there are plenty of jobs out there, but "We have spoiled Americans so that think they can make more on unemployment than they can working".  Now, this is not the first time this comprehension incapacitated idiot has tripped over her tongue.  The simple truth is this:  There are roughly 5 workers for each single available job.  And, more horrifying, there are probably at least 5-million long-term unemployed who don't actually get the benefits even when the program is in play.

I will not belabor the complexity of those available jobs, except to say that the majority of them are entry level jobs traditionally filled by the young who, if left without jobs, often find the devil's work to fill their idle hands.

Yesterday, for the fourth time, the United States Senate said to unemployed working men and women, "Screw You!" and voted down re-authorization of extended benefits for the long term unemployed.  Yes, it is the Republicans who stymie this social safety net that provides minimal survival level income for the unemployed which is quickly spent to circulate and turn over several times to invigorate an exsanguinating economy.  But, it is also the ineffectual Democrats who manage to summon up crocodile tears but not the needed vote that deserve our attention.

Similarly, president Obama, remains isolated, aloof, and silent on this issue preferring, one supposes, to engage in photo-ops of stuffing his face with junk food of one sort or another.

While not quite rising to the level of genocide, the situation is one of cruelty and an affront to human decency.  We can't let this stand without a fight.  Here is what I recommend.

Today I e-mailed people I know in Washington that are closely associated with the labor movement to encourage AFL/CIO President, Richard Trumka, to launch a a nationwide campaign encouraging unemployed workers to e-mail, mail, or fax their resumes to Congress and the White House.  I would also suggest that you send a copy to the governor of your respective state as the program, while funded by federal dollars, are actually administered at the state level.

If you, or someone you know, is unemployed and wants a job send your resumes or letters of application to these addresses:

U.S. Senate; Click here for assistance

U.S. House;  Click here for assistance

The White House; Click here for assistance

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