20 August 2010

Do These Things Today & Save Social Security

Known foes of Social Security and Medicare from the rabidly radical right-wing of American politics are waging an all out war against working families, retirees, the elderly, disabled workers and the survivor beneficiaries of Social Security.  Over the past several days, we have exposed their lies and provided clear and easy remedies which insure Social Security's solvency for decades to come.

Today we're going to name the key protagonists in the assault on this vital social safety net which has helped keep Americans of all ages and from all walks of life out of poverty for 75 years.

Billionaire Peter G. (Pete) Peterson, one of that perfidious bastard Richard Nixon's advisers, is joined in a cabal with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the National Association of Manufacturers to pump millions into schemes and on-air advertising to contriving to take away Social Security and Medicare under the canard of "fiscal responsibility".  Peterson, former CEO of the disgraced and bankrupt Lehman brothers, has revealed his true motives in the remark, "...Social Security would crowd out all forms of capital accumulations".

These reactionary right-wing politicians were appointed to the President's Fiscal Commission by House Minority Leader, John Boehner; Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, Dave Camp of Michigan,  and Jeb Hensarling of Texas.

Ryan has called for the "sun-setting" of Social Security while stating that "secure retirement is a myth".  He is a key proponent of the wait to 70 to retire shell game.

Hensarling has called for the privatization of Social Security and reducing benefits for those already receiving it. (If Bush's 2005 privatization plot had passed, those "individual investment accounts" would have, by now, lost 20% of their worth!).  He was a protege' of former Republican Senator Phil Gramm, the architect of the deregulation which contributed to the recent Wall Street catastrophe.

Camp has mastered the art of political double-speak from each side of his mouth, with a tongue that wags at both ends.  On one hand he bully-pulpits about making Social Security strong while at the same time joining in with the privatization crowd.  He has amassed a lifetime "0" rating from the Alliance for Retired Americans for his anti-senior voting record!

Those are some of the principals out to destroy Social Security.  Now, take a few minutes and fight back and help preserve and protect it so it can be passed along to coming generations:

Contact your member of Congress today to let them know that you support Social Security and Medicare and that they request the Fiscal Commission to hold open field hearings that will encourage honest debate and input from constituents like you.

Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper that urges the commission to fully examine ALL the tax and spending  that created the deficit (2 wars, tax cuts, spiraling health costs, housing bubble), not just entitlement programs.

Talk to your friends and neighbors about the value of Social Security and Medicare.  Shane the good word about the importance of making these vital programs remain strong for our children and grandchildren!

COMING MONDAY:  Social Security Works for Texas

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