05 January 2011

The Republican Strategy - How YOU Can Fight Back

Here is the Republican strategy at its simplest in less than a paragraph.

Drive up the deficit, spend off all surpluses and reserves, put the nation in a state of near bankruptcy and blame "entitlements" and a tax-and-spend philosophy of government for the problems and dismantle all social safety nets such as Social Security CHIPS, Medicare and Medicaid and hand them over to their deregulated, unregulated and never regulated,multi-national corporate masters to plunder, rape and pillage.  They're doing it nationally, and from state-to-state.

Additionally they vilify and label with pejoratives any groups or organizations, such as unions, that stand between them and their goals.

The answer to this is very challenging; first there must emerge leadership which can unify labor, the middle class, academia/students and the working and perpetually poor.

Secondly; that leadership will have to concurrently educate, organize and mobilize around one to two key, core issues which transcend and affect those key constituencies.

Finally, I firmly believe it is a fight to the death, both figurative and literal.  Unless we as individuals begin standing up to the arrogance and bullying of the right in our churches, neighborhoods, clubs, social gatherings, and street corners, we will surely lose.  We may have to lose friends, jettison relatives, and walk alone down some lonely alleys, but, if we do not give in, we will prevail.  We may have to lie down in front of the tanks.  Moral imperative without action is meaningless!

Just don't back down, sass, argue, fight back, if pushed-shoved back, if slapped-slug back. Multiply yourself, join a progressive organization and help them.

Here's an anthem for you:

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