25 June 2008

Friends & Enemies & Politics

I have always considered a person’s enemies as part of deciding whether or not that person would make a good friend. Right now, I’m thinking maybe Barack Obama and I could “be tight”; “ponyos”, “buds”, “running mates”, or even, that he could be my “main man”.

All that is to say that some of Obama’s enemies certainly endear him to me. Wouldn’t you want to hang with a guy that is on the hit list of carnival side-show attractions, contemptibles, and irrelevant piss-ants such as James Dobson, Karl Rove and Ralph Nader?

In the space of twenty-four hours we’ve heard Dobson (dog beater) tell the world that Obama is not the right sort of Christian, and Rove (serial self-abuser) claim that Obama is too arrogant, and Nader (obsessive/compulsive media geek) assert that Obama is not talking “black” enough. With enemies like that, I’m prepared to hang with the dude and even pop for the first round.

Bush lick-spit hanger-on, Dobson, was immediately attacked by neo-evangelicals who have, in the recent past, repudiated his hate mongering and archaic world views. One Texas minister, who used to support Bush, has helped create an anti-Dobson website. It seems that many evangelicals concerned about stewardship of God’s creation and the implications of human-caused global warming, and who no longer wish to be seen as hate-motivated, social conservatives, are moving toward acceptance of Obama’s holistic Christianity as a viable alternative.

The contemptible, Karl Rove, driven by his man-crush on Dubya, asserted to that festering human pustule on the unwashed prat of conservatism, Bill O’Reilly, that Obama’s downfall would be that he was too arrogant. Now, you’d have had to have been with me in Mississippi in the ‘60s to understand what that really meant. In the code of the time, and in today’s climate of political correctness, it is the middle-aged, southern white-guy way of calling Obama an “uppity nigger”. Did I say contemptible? Ok, I see I did. That will suffice for the nonce.

Which brings us to Ralph (“Where’s the cameras”) Nader. His comment was that Obama was talking too “white” and overlooking the problems besetting African-Americans in the ghetto. This incredibly insensitive, race-baiting, stereotyping of African-Americans as ghetto-locked, payday-loan addicted, victims of corporate America served no purpose other than to draw some attention to the every-four-year, side-show “geek-pit” he works licking snake bellies, biting the heads off live chickens, drooling and mouthing incoherencies.

You just have to admire a man who can acquire enemies such as these.

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