20 June 2008

Mobilizing Seniors Critical to Victory!

Today, from the Alliance for Retired American's "Friday Alert".

Results of the first Washington Post-ABC News poll since theDemocratic nomination contest ended, published on Tuesday,showed Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) leading Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL)among all seniors.

Among all voters, Sen. Obama is running aheadof Sen. McCain, 48% - 42%.

In contrast to the WashingtonPost-ABC numbers, a Reuters/Zogby poll released on Wednesday had the two candidates essentially tied among voters over the age of 65.

According to CNN political analyst Bill Schneider, "We'regoing to see an age division in this election bigger than wehave usually seen. Older voters have been trending moreRepublican ever since 1992." Like many of the current polls show, Sen. Obama also did better with younger voters than with seniors during the Democratic primaries.

Combined exit polls from the primaries plus the Iowa and Nevada caucuses found that Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) won 59% of voters age 65 and older,compared with 34% for Sen. Obama. "Older voters will be crucial in November," said Edward Coyle, Executive Director of the Alliance for Retired Americans. "If Sen. Obama were to capture the older vote in addition to the other demographics that he currently carries, it would be very difficult for Sen. McCain to catch him."

I would add that no smart candidate, from school board to the White House can win any election without the Senior vote. And, would also add that if seniors want to save Social Security, preserve and improve Medicare, ensure that their children and grandchildren have quality, affordable healthcare and look forward to a safe, financially secure and meaningful retirement they would do well to support progressive candidates in this election cycle.

We've had a dose of what lies in store with John McCain. A continuation of the treasury busting occupation of Iraq, more efforts to turn Social Scurity over to Wall Street and Medicare to HMOs and the Insurance Oligarchs. We've watched for eight years as the Republicans have attempted to cut holes in and destroy the safety nets of the new deal. Our parents fought for those programs and because of them the middle class flourished, we got good educations at public schools, there were pensions, and our own generation gave us Medicare--and when we asked for affordable drug coverage as part of that, we got a doughnut hole and high premiums from McCain and his Republican cohorts.

Despite stereotypical jokes to the contrary, our memories are good!

Look around you now, is this the country you envisioned leaving your kids and grandkids? No?

Then make a difference.

Don't just vote, join progressive oganizations and help educate, organize and mobilize others to support progressive candidates.

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