12 October 2009

Nobel Peace Prize, Racism, & the "N-Word (Caution: Profanity abounds herein)

Permit me a bit of quite profane self-indulgence as I air a few thoughts and enlarge on some things that came up on my "Face Book" page over the weekend.

Obama and the Nobel Peace Prize:

Regardless one's opinion of whether, at this point in his life of public service, he deserves the honor or not, a few simple facts are there:

  • It is certainly better to see our president having an accolade thrown at him rather than a shoe!
  • Anything that irks the Republicans and their lick spit Corporate Media sycophants so severely and puts them into such a "panties-waded-up" snit has to have some good in it.
  • And, Americans generally are so provincial and parochial in their world views that they do not recognize how refreshing it is for the rest of world to see our foreign policy shifting to one of inclusion and away from the exclusion and unilateralism of the past three decades.
Racism and the "N-Word".

Being a bit of a curmudgeon and iconoclastic wretch, I have to admit to being a lot more than mildly peeved by the pervasive use of the "N-word" ("nudge-nudge", "wink, wink") to describe the use by others of the word "Nigger".

The word is "Nigger". It is now, and it always has been been a hateful, ugly, obscene, disgusting, and wretchedly hurtful and demeaning term based in mental and spiritual sickness, sheer stupidity, and overt and outright racism. Mitigating it, lessening the awfulness of it through use of the euphemistic term, "The N-Word" lessens the impact of the word and somehow lessens the revulsion one should feel when it is used. And does nothing to eliminate the ugliness that lies behind its use--in fact, I think, in some ways, it helps perpetuate its use by softening the description of it with a euphemistic term. People who use it should be held accountable for their efforts to perpetuate a verbally violent hate crime!

No, it is not protected speech! It is a criminal act!

Sometimes, just sometimes Shit is Shit, not "poo", not "duty, not "poo-poo" or all the other cutesy-wootsy euphemisms employed by people to somehow lessen the impact of the fine old Anglo-Saxon word for excrement.

All this is to say that those who use the word "nigger" to describe fellow human beings have "shit for brains". But, get this will you? these "shit-for brains" idiots use the word "nigger", not the "N-word".

So please do not tell me that some "shit-for-brains" asshole in Georgia described our President's attempts to get health care reform legislation through congress as an attempt to create "N-Word rich" people. What the son-of-a-bitch's sign said was, "Nigger-Rich".

Got it?

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