08 October 2009

Sample Letter to Senators - Free Download

October _?_, 2009

Senator _______________
United States Senate
Washington, DC 20510

Dear Senator ____________

During the coming weeks, the full Senate will debate and vote on health care reform. There are several key issues in health reform that affect retirees and older Americans.

We ask that you enact health reform that:

Does not tax health benefits. Taxing benefits could actually cause a reduction in coverage, and it would especially penalize retirees, as well as active workers and their employers that provide coverage.

Has a public plan option. Please vote for a plan that is at least as strong as the HELP Committee provisions. It will make coverage more affordable, make private plans more competitive and drive quality improvements in the health care delivery.

Ends Medicare Advantage Overpayments. Please support the Finance Committee provisions to end these unnecessary subsidies to insurance companies.

Closes the Medicare doughnut hole. Seniors need drug coverage all year long.

Allows 55-64 year old retirees to buy into Medicare at affordable premiums. Five million Americans need this coverage now.

Begins Long Term Care Coverage. The HELP Committee bill provisions begin to provide for long term services and supports coverage.

The Senate has the unique ability to improve health care and the quality of life for retirees and all Americans. We ask that you support these important provisions for older Americans.

Sincerely yours,

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