02 December 2009

Joe Lieberman Won't Like This!

Now You Can Fight Back For Health Care Reform -- Adopt A State

Thanks to MoveOn.Org and the Service Employees International Union we have a tool with which to fight back against the likes of Lieberman, Lincoln,

The AP has reported that opponents of reform, led by the U.S. Chamber, have poured $24 million into an advertising onslaught in the last month alone. The fact is, we will be outspent by corporate special interests. But we can do something corporate American can't - we can talk to fellow voters, and have personal conversations about health care.

We elected Barack Obama, in part, by calling tens of thousands of voters in key "swing states." This year is no different. Voters in Arkansas, Nebraska, Connecticut and Louisiana need to hear from us about what's happening on health insurance reform. I hope you'll "adopt-a-state" and start recruiting for your team today.

Connecticut...Joe Lieberman

Arkansas...Blanche Lincoln

Louisiana...Mary Landrieu

Nebraska...Ben Nelson

The insurance oligarchs, drug Tzars, and Chamber of Commerce are hoping that their money and delaying tactics will sap our energy, resolve and efficiency and muffle our voices. Let's join together in this historic battle and let them know they are wrong! That we want health care reform that is equitable for ALL Americans, and we want it now!

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