09 December 2009

Stop The Lies & Scare Tactics

The Alliance for Retired Americans Launches Ad Directed at Insurance and Drug Company Lies Attempting to Scare Older Americans.

Big insurance companies are spending millions of dollars to frighten Older Americans about health care reform.

Their scare-tactics are intended to kill urgently needed changes to a health insurance system that rewards corporations that deny care and increase premiums.

Please this television ad that exposes the lies and underhanded tactics of the health insurance industry.

This ad is going on air today aimed at Senators who are wavering in their support of health care reform.

Please click through to help get the word to as many people as you can. By clicking through, you will be taken to a page that will assist you in spreading the word. Feel free to copy and e-mail the link to your friends or post on your Face Book page! Click here, now!

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