02 June 2010

Let's Save Social Security and Medicare - Starting Today!

Here's How To Take A Stand & Fight Back!

But first, there's a reason you should care and take the time to get involved.

Opponents of Social Security are conducting a multi-million dollar campaign designed to fool the public about Social Security by claiming that benefits for "greedy geezers" must be cut to lower the deficit.  Over the past week we have clearly demonstrated that is not true.  Without grassroots input, help, and support to oppose it, this campaign of disinformation and outright lies will continue.  Former Nixon henchman, billionaire, Peter G. "Pete" Peterson will continue using his personal wealth to fund right-wing propaganda that cutting entitlements is the way to cut the deficit.

We, all of us and each of us, individually and collectively must keep an eye on the President's Fiscal Responsibility Commission to make certain that it does not unfairly target the essential safety nets provided by Social Security and Medicare.  The Commission and Congress need to know that you oppose any recommendations that will raise the retirement age, lower benefits, privatize or do anything else to diminish these critical American programs. The following list the ways you can make your voice heard.

Contact your members of Congress today to (1) let them know that you support Social Security and Medicare and (2) request that the Commission host open field hearings that will encourage debate and input from constituents like you.

Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper that urges the Commission to fully examine ALL the tax and spending policies that created the deficit (two wars, tax cuts, rocketing health care costs, housing bubble, Wall Street adventurism that triggered the Great Recession and widespread unemployment), not just the entitlement programs.

Talk to your friends and neighbors about the value of Social Security and Medicare.  Share the good word about the importance of making these vital programs remain strong for our children and grandchildren.

Finally, if you need assistance or guidance in this, please feel free to call upon me either by way of my e-mail, a comment to this post, or a comment in my guest-book.

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