22 June 2010

The Truth About Social Security


Did you know...that Social Security is the nation's largest disability program?  It's true.  Almost 8-million disabled workers receive monthly Social Security benefits.  Included among those are thousands of wounded U.S. soldiers.

Did you know...that Social Security is the nation's most effective anti-poverty program?  It's true!  Without the safety net of Social Security, at least 44 percent of those age 65 and over would live below the poverty line.

Did you know...that social Security provides for children of those who have died in military service to our country?  It's true!  As of September 2006, an estimated 12,290 children were receiving payments as dependents of deceased service members who had been on active duty in the Gulf War period (extending from August 2, 1990 to date).  These children are eligible to receive Social Security in addition to veterans' compensation.

Did you know...that Social Security was the first on the scene to provide benefits for the children and widowed spouses of people who were killed by terrorists on September 11, 2001.  It's true!  Social Security is paying monthly benefits to 2,377 children and 853 widowed spouses of people killed in the terrorist attack and to 642 individuals disabled during the attacks.

Don't believe the lies you're hearing about Social Security--Tomorrow, Some Answers to Those Lies!

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