26 July 2010

Yet Another Deficit/Social Security Lie

Well, here we go again.

The war is on, as I warned everyone a couple of months ago.  Those same people who brought you the housing bubble, bail-outs, failed banks and auto-manufacturing giants and 401k plans whose assets dropped faster than the mercury in the thermometer at Antarctica in January are going after the one program that is always on time, always in the correct amount and which keeps millions upon millions of seniors, retirees, widows, orphans and the disabled out of poverty--Social Security!

If you, after reading this, do not get up off your butt and do something, we will lose it.

Here's the latest foray from the rabid right and hucksters, lairs, thieves, cut-purses and mendicants of Wall Street.  And, guess from whence it comes--did you guess Neel Kashkari?  Oh c'mon, you remember Neel doncha?  During the bail-out, he was in charge of administering the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) for the U. S. Treasury's Office of Financial Stability.  Sounding familiar?  Maybe the $700-billion of our tax dollars tossed out in the pig-sty that is today's world of  as banking and finance will shake your recall a bit.

Actually, it is somewhat of an insult to swill sucking hogs the world over to compare them to our Wall Street bankers and financiers.

After this successful road-agent like looting of the national treasury on behalf of those "too-big-to-fail" and "troubled" financial institutions, Kashkari donned sackcloth and went into the woods for a period of self-appraisal and navel concentrating, but now has emerged as an expert on "entitlements", i.e. Social Security.

Writing on the op-ed pages of the Washington Post, Kashkari asserts, "The fiscal crisis in Europe has awoken Americans to the enormous challenge we face from entitlements. The promises our country has made over the past few decades, combined with changing demographics and rising costs, have put us on a path to national insolvency. Unless we control our deficits..." You can read the entire article HERE.

Allow me, please, to suggest this:  Every time these right-wing stooges use entitlement, i.e. Social Security, in the same sentence as "deficit" understand that you are being lied to!  And, as I said last week, there are lies and then there are god-damned lies.  And, once again, I will leave it to you to decide what sort of liar is Kashkari.

And never mind the arrant hypocrisy hissed by Kashkari's forked tongue (after all he's done quite well for himself now working for a company that profited in the millions from holdings which were part of the Fed's buybacks) and just focus on this very simple, irrefutable fact which puts a lie to every "deficit based" attack on Social security:  Social Security in no way contributes to the deficit.  It is funded, with around a trillion dollars in reserves, from contributions of workers and employers into a trust fund

It is a lie to link the deficit and Social Security.  Their obvious motive is this.  The Republicans want to latch on to that trillion dollars in order to claim that they solved our deficit crises without raising taxes and to turn over to their wet-palmed masters in the counting houses of Wall Street all future contributions.

In the nasal words of that hill-billy financier, Ross Perot, "It is jest that simple"!

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Anonymous said...

Oh thats cute, you think calling the guy who calls you out a liar to.

Fuck you.

You reek of fucking lies.