01 September 2010

Bristol Palin, Obama, Fox, Japanese Wankers-All Making News

Some gleanings from this morning's news:

Pius pudgette, Bristol Palin, perhaps rankled by her baby-daddy's latest betrayal, has settled our curiosity and removed all drama from her upcoming appearances on one of those ubiquitous TV dance contest clones of American Idol, by announcing that she will not be wearing any sexy or brief outfits. Modesty, she says, will prevail. Bristol, honey--that's a really good choice, you have much to be modest about...so thank you, and until you lose that baby fat, you might want to wear a Burkah!

Yeah, yeah. I know. Snarky and cruel and way, way beneath me.

President Obama spoke on national TV last night and at least five dozen people left reruns of Bones or NCIS to watch his 15-minute soliloquy on our wars of invasion and occupation in Iraq and Afghanistan.  One of those watching was uber-conservative, William Kristol, who said he liked some of what he heard.  Which prompts me to suggest that, perhaps, President Obama, you might want to stop playing for history books a hundred years from now and cease trying to placate those bastards--do you not understand that what they'd really like to do is to burn crosses on the White House lawn and lynch you and your family?

Fox News has again outstripped all its rivals in viewership proving that you can't go broke overestimating the vacuity and willful ignorance of American TV viewers.  The four-decade process of the "dumbing down" of  America has taken fruit!

And in Japan, there has been created a resort specifically for men with "virtual" girlfriends.  Yes, they will go and pretend they are there with the girl of their dreams...with online images, and through the miracle of technology, they can even have their girlfriend's pictures taken at spots around the resort as though they were actually there.  Now, I may be snarky about certain things, but judgmental I am not.  Whatever gets your lawn mowed and all that!  But, hear me on this--if I ever meet up with one of these guys, I am not going to shake his hand!

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