17 September 2010

Shut Up, Baldinger--Ines Sainz Did Not "Bring It On Herself"

If you are following the Inez Sainz flap, you have heard by now that former Dallas Cowboy lineman and, for the moment, Fox Sports commentator, Brian Baldinger (no, I'm serious, that's his name) has added his two-cents to the debate.  It's called two-cents, because that is usually the real value of the unenlightened opinion being put forth.  In Baldinger's case, I'd say a penny would be a gross over evaluation.

The short version of the flap is that Ms. Sainz asserts she was the victim of cat-calls, whistles, and other overtly sexual, and sexist, and intimidating repartee' and behavior in the locker room and practice field of the New York Jets NFL football team.  Ms. Sainz is a veteran professional reporter from Mexico.  She, also, does not shy from the limelight, and seemingly has never hesitated to wear revealing and/or form fitting clothes.  The internet is full of sites featuring her "hot bod" photos.

But, Baldinger's opinion that Sainz "brought it on herself" by wearing revealing apparel is resonate of every damned rapist's, abuser's, spouse beater's, molester's, and violator's cop-out that she "brought it on herself" or "she was just asking for it!".   That is not to equate Baldinger with such--absolutely not, or suggest that he is any of those! . But, it is a pervasive mindset based in willful ignorance and still held by too many men--especially those boy-men who see themselves as engaged in "macho" professions..  I have often felt a bit of sympathy for Baldinger---imagine the crap he caught in Junior and Senior High with a name like "Baldinger".  But, putting all that aside, his inserting himself into the flap with such gratuitous nonsense is not easily understandable or forgivable.  There is no valid mitigation available for what is reported as some very crude, rude, churlish and retarded adolescent behavior by some of those NY Jet's players and coaches.  And, he should know better.

If Ms. Sainz arrived dressed inappropriately for the locker room or practice field the recourse was very simple.  Ask her to leave, and if she refused, have security escort her from the premises. The recourse is not intimidation, or embarrassment, or discomfort through sexually suggestive displays or words.  But, even beyond that, who determines what is appropriate attire?  Are women to wear Mu-Mus or Mother Hubbards when reporting on sporting events or from team facilities?  If a woman is shapely and pretty is she to wear sack cloth or Burka to disguise that.  Or, do we really think that our mothers, wives, sisters, aunts, daughters,  nieces, and female friends, neighbors or acquaintances are fair game for harassment because someone finds them attractive or sexy?

We don't seem to put restrictions on young, athletic, and fit (well packaged) male reporters wearing skin tight trousers or form-fitting tailored shirts, do we?  No, Ms. Sainz did not bring it on herself, despite Baldinger's half-assed assertion otherwise!

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