28 October 2010

VOTE! ::: Our Endorsements Listed

We need public officials working for us who understand how hard it can be to pay your bills every month, and how expensive it can be to see a doctor and get a prescription filled. We have all heard of the schemes to privatize Social Security in the chaos and greed of Wall Street stock markets, and to turn Medicare into a voucher program where the insurance companies call the shots, all while the wealthiest Americans get more and bigger tax breaks.

This November 2, we are standing with candidates who fight for seniors and working families. We are proud to endorse the candidates below, who will represent TEXAS, you, and your family in these tough economic times. We strongly encourage you to get out and vote November 2, or cast your vote early if you can, and to support these pro-working family candidates.

We have endorsed these candidates

Bill White - Governor
Linda Chavez-Thompson - Lt. Governor
Hector Uribe - Attorney General
Hank Gilbert - Land Commissioner
Blake Bailey - Texas Supreme Court

John Lingenfelder – Dist. 3
Tom Berry – Dist. 5
Rep. Al Green – Dist. 9
Ted Ankrum – Dist. 10
Rep. Ruben Hinojosa – Dist. 15
Rep. Silvestre Reyes – Dist. 16
Rep. Chet Edwards – Dist. 17
Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee Dist. 18
Rep. Charlie Gonzalez – Dist. 20
Lainey Melnick – Dist. 21
Rep. Ciro Rodriguez – Dist. 23
Rep. Lloyd Doggett – Dist. 25
Rep. Neil Durrance – Dist. 26
Rep. Solomon Ortiz – Dist. 27
Rep. Henry Cuellar – Dist. 28
Rep. Gene Green – Dist. 29
Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson – Dist. 30

To see just how current members of Congress have voted to support you and your family, click on the link below, then point at your state and click again. You will see how every member of your state delegation voted on issues vital to you and your family: HERE

Thank you for supporting the candidates who have fought to:

Protect Social Security from privatization, raising the retirement age and benefit cuts
Pass a $250 Social Security payment in place of a 2010 COLA
Help lower drug costs and close the Medicare Part D doughnut hole
End Medicare co-pays and deductibles for life-saving screenings and tests
Help early retirees afford health insurance
Create a way for middle-class families to get long-term care for a loved one.

Thanks again for your support.
Remember to vote on November 2.

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