01 November 2010


By all means vote! But, this is one of those critical elections when just voting is not enough.  Take a sick day, a vacation day, or a comp day and work the election.

Drivers are needed to help get people to the polls, people are needed to make phone calls to voter lists to make sure they have voted, or are going to, and volunteers are critically needed to serve as poll watchers to make certain the Republicans do not get away with their usual intimidation or voter suppression ploys.  IN TEXAS YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SHOW ANY ID OTHER THAN YOUR REGISTRATION CARD TO VOTE!

Just call your county Democratic Party office, tell them where you reside, and they'll get you plugged in to the process.  Sure, we need your vote to offset all the corporate money being thrown into this election cycle--but to win, we need a huge turnout.

We won something big in 2008, now we're having to fight to keep it!

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