09 July 2008

Well here we are.

Texas has begun its annual death-march called summer. And, it is a wet heat!

The Astros are in the tank. I told you before, it’s the pitching!

Iran is firing off missiles and the U.S. is peeved, but not so peeved that it hasn’t increased its trading with that country by 10 times under the Bush administration. What, you ask, are we selling to Iran? Well, sez I, would you believe bull semen, brassieres, fur clothing, sculptures, perfume, musical instruments and cigarettes and assorted knick-knacks(weapons?).

Not that trading with folks is a bad thing. Really, I think it's a good thing...maybe making you less likely to bomb the hell out of someone buying your wares. Who in their right mind would consider that? Yeah--OK, him for sure, but who else? OK, OK, the mendicants, felons, and sociopaths surrounding him. But, I did say in their right mind, now didn't I.

About those cigarettes, Republican presidential hopeful, Senator John McCain cracked wise with the comment that maybe we’re trying to kill them (the Iranians) with them. Here we are, very seriously stumbling toward the bottomless pit of war with Iran, and the guy is making with the jokes. Very dumb, seventh-grade level jokes at that...guffaw, guffaw, guffaw!

Lieberman must of let him off his leash.

He’s giving maturity a bad name. Would someone please dope slap the guy so that he catches a clue?

But, a two-cheek, smick-smack, punk-slap (think Leo Gorcey & Huntz Hall) is in line for Bush after his insult of the Italian Premier. The White House has offered embarrassed apologies to Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi after it handed out an unflattering portrait of the premier and his country's politics.

Briefing notes given to reporters accompanying President George W. Bush to the G8 summit in Japan described Mr. Berlusconi as one of the "most controversial leaders in the history of a country known for government corruption and vice".

Boy I’d sure hate to think these guys might ever manage a war and our economy for us.


Oh yeah. Riiiiight!

Dang and it’s not even August yet, when it gets really hot.

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