14 July 2008

What next? Don't ask!

When I asked, "What next?", I sure as hell did not expect this outrage. The magazine's explanation is that it was satire. As though we have something wrong with us for being offended. Their explanations ring as true as the pleas from the "good old boys" that their racist, sexist, homophobic and ageist comments and remarks are merely "jokes", and if we weren't encumbered with terminal political correctness, we'd see the humor.

What the New Yorker has done is to give credence and validity to every racist and hateful stereotype that the screech-monkies from the right-wing noise-machine have been spewing for months. The bigots and haters now have confirmation and a picture to prove their point.

Fox will jump all over it with remarks along these lines: "Obama has nothing to complain about, all the New Yorker is doing is depicting him and his wife as millions of Americans already see him, meanwhile today, John McCain, the war hero, kissed babies..."

Thus adding more support and credence to the racists, haters and rumor-mongers.

The next knuckle-dragging right-winger who, in my presence, complains about the left-wing media is going to catch about seven kinds of popping hot hell!

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