17 July 2008


No W.M.D.! No involvement in the terror attacks of September 11, 2001! No collusion with Al Qaeda! Under international sanction with two-thirds of its airspace shut down, Iraq offered no threat to America. Or any of its neighbors for that matter.


4127 dead and 30,324 maimed, burned, blinded, crippled, physically, mentally and emotionally impaired troops later, it is fair to ask why.

Please, someone tell me. Please tell me it was not about the oil leases recently awarded by the Iraqi puppet government in Baghdad. Please...I promise I will try very hard to believe you. As I already believe that thing about respect in the morning and the check that's in the mail.

But, please go ahead and try to convince me. And, I really do promise that I will try to be convinced.

Here's why. I really and truly do not want to believe that our government is so blatantly criminal in it's behavior that it would willing have killed and wounded nearly 35,000 of our bravest and best in order that the oil companies might increase their profits and gain control of a large amount of the world's remaining oil.

I really do not want to believe that we have become so blind, so blase, so indifferent and so disengaged that we have lost our sense of outrage. I do not want to believe that our media has forsaken its responsibility to act as our watch dog.

Are we really that stupid? Why have we permitted this? Why have we not ended it? And why are we not punishing those who brought it upon us?

Why? Please, someone. Tell me. Why?

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