06 May 2009

Urgent Request for HELP!

We've been asked to help in spreading the word on SB 1569 which would allow Texas to take $555-million in stimulus money that Governor Rick Perry wants to reject! See the MEMO below.

I have written on this twice before, but it is so critical that I am posting again. Here, for more information and background, are the links to my earlier posts.

To: Union Members, Retirees, Friends
From: Becky Moeller & Paul Brown
Date: May 5, 2009
Re: Urgent Action Needed on Major Unemployment Insurance Legislation

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

Labor’s signature bill of the 2009 legislative session – SB 1569, which would allow Texas to accept $555 million in federal economic stimulus funds for unemployed Texans – may be debated on the Texas House floor as early as Thursday.

We need you to call your state representative NOW and ask him or her to SUPPORT SB 1569.

The bill:

1) Delivers $555 million to Texans who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own;

2) Expands unemployment insurance eligibility to cover 45,000 more jobless Texans, mainly those who are low-wage or part-time workers;

3) Will cut taxes for employers who are struggling in the recession.

Please call your representative by clicking here, or through the House switchboard – (512) 463-1000 – with this simple message:

“Hello, my name is ________, a constituent of Rep. ____________. I am calling to ask him (her) to SUPPORT SB 1569, the Unemployment Insurance bill, so that deserving unemployed Texans may receive benefits and employers will have lower taxes in this tough economic period. Please take the money! Thank you.”

Thank you for taking action on this critical bill for working families in Texas.

In Solidarity,

Becky Moeller Paul R. Brown
President Secretary-Treasurer

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