28 May 2009

Voter ID Bill is DEAD - GOP Looses

Yea! Yippee! Hoorah!

This came in my e-mail this morning. Good job by all of you who fought this piece of right-wing idiocy.

Dear fellow Democrat,

Thanks to the efforts of our legislative Democrats - and your support - the Republican Voter ID bill was not considered by the Texas House.

We commend our legislative Democrats for their principled effort to protect every Texan's right to vote. Democrats didn't choose this fight - the battle lines were drawn by Senate Republicans on the very first day of the legislative session, when they changed the rules to push an unnecessary, partisan Voter ID bill through their chamber.

When confronted with a partisan agenda that Republicans cannot justify as a matter of public policy, Democratic members took a stand to protect the most fundamental right in our democracy.

After House Republicans set a calendar that put a Voter ID bill ahead of major pocketbook issues, House Democrats offered motions time and again to put more important legislation ahead of Voter ID, but Republicans insisted on holding those issues hostage to their mean-spirited, divisive partisan agenda.

Take a moment to thank your House and Senate Democrats for their refusal to stand for an assault on your voting rights. Here's where you can find contact information for your legislators: http://www.fyi.legis.state.tx.us/Address.aspx

We are proud that our Democrats insist on putting progress ahead of partisanship, and today it's clearer than ever that we will not have a state government that works for the best interests of all Texans until Democrats are the majority party in our state legislature. I'm proud to have your support as we continue taking the fight to the Republicans on the road to winning back our state in 2010.

Your fellow Democrat,

Boyd L. Richie

Boyd L. Richie

Chairman Texas Democratic Party

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