18 February 2010

Arrogant Republicans Violate Defense Department Directive!

Aside from their arrogance and obstructionism, I think the thing I find most objectionable about Republicans is their ghastly sense of entitlement. They behave as though the rules just do not apply to them.

Take for example Virginia's Republican Governor, Bob McDonnell's, efforts on behalf of the Republican's in their response to President Obama's State of the Union Message to Congress last month. And let's go on record here in making what ought not be considered a fine point: SOTUS is an official process of state and mandated by the Constitution (Article II, Section 3). The Republican response is just that, a political party's reaction to official government business. Therefore, the first is part of governance and the second is purely political. Hold that thought, it is important.

In the highly vetted and theatrically staged audience for McDonnell's tepid effort was a military person in full uniform nodding and applauding...sometimes before and sometimes minutes after what should have been the applause line. Well staged it was, but not well directed. But put that aside.

The uniformed soldier was in obvious violation of Defense Department Directive 1344.10, which says that while a military person may participate as a "spectator" at political events, rallies and meetings they may not do so while in uniform!

McDonnell is a former light colonel in the army and the son of a military officer. He knows the rules. So too should have Army Staff Sergeant, Robert Tenpenny. If I know anything at all about staff sergeants it is that they "know the rules" and are as eager and quick as second lieutenants to enforce them--the more arcane the rule or regulation all the better. The fact that he served in Iraq with McDonnell's daughter, Jeanine, is laudable and deserves absolutely no scrutiny or adverse comment--he had a right to be there, and he had a right to be proud. BUT! He had no right to don his uniform in order to serve as a backdrop to what was a purely political speech.

Had he have been in mufti, nary a word of criticism would be warranted.

But we'll not hear from the American Legion or any veteran's organization about how utterly inappropriate and shameful was his exploitation. Nor will we hear a word from any Republican anywhere about parading the military for purely political purposes...believe me, we will not!

That is because the Republicans believe they are entitled to do as they damned well please and that the rules do not apply to them. Their ghastly level of arrogance is appalling!

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