08 February 2010

Superbowl Questions...

This year's Superbowl left me wondering a few things.

Why are the sports writers so enthralled with Sean Payton's call for an onside kick and the earlier fourth-down attempt at a TD rather than field goal? They're calling those "courageous" decisions. Crap and nonsense, courageous is living your life effectively while facing adversity or overcoming tragedy, fear or grief with grace and resolve. It is not making smart decisions in a football game.

If the Saints had failed with the onside kick, they would have been in no worse shape than if there had been a long run back on a kick off. Risky?, yes. Courageous?, no! The fourth-down attempt left the Colts backed up to their end zone with the pressure on them to play conservatively and not to turn over the ball in their own red zone. Again, good aggressive coaching, but nothing particularly courageous.

Do others think that maybe the Colts came into the game with a sense of entitlement and got smacked in the mouth buy a tough, confident group of blue-collar players?

Am I the only person, except for my wife, who thinks those talking baby commercials are ghastly and creepy?

Do these jocks that jab their finger skyward every time they do that for which they get handed an unrealistic amount of money actually believe that their deity is watching them and would give a hoot about such? Seems to me that if such an omniscient deity as that were to actually exist, it would have less mundane things to pay attention to. After all, it would surely be up in the sky-boxes with the rest of the hoi-polloi and thus would be too wrapped up in all the drinking, carousing, gorging and eying of the tightly-coiffed, face-lifted, skin-peeled, trophy wives of the fat, red-faced, blustery, middle-aged white guys who own the teams to notice what was going on down on the field.

And under the category of, "What in the name of hell could they have been thinking?"...The Who! One could sum up their Superbowl Half-Time show as an appearance by The Was! Now, I'm an old guy, and I applaud old guys who can still do the things they did when they were young. But, when one can no longer do those things, one ought to quit doing them. If you persist, and can't pull it off you look very foolish.

And, as we focus on old dudes, whoever thought that putting a bunch of fat, middle-aged guys on TV wearing only their skivvies would be a clever notion should be shopping around his resume this morning. Not as ghastly, but nearly as creepy as talking babies.

Where were the Clydesdales? Yeah, yeah, I know, but that wasn't enough and not very good at that. Frankly, this year's commercials all seemed a bit tired and lame. They were probably aimed at old men who wander around in their skivvies, sucking on light beer while eating Doritos and heartily laughing at the antics of ghastly and creepy talking babies while nattering endlessly about courageous coaches and on-side kicks and fourth-down TD attempts.

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