15 June 2010

Humana Crab Walks On Health Care Debate Lies!

Humana Now Back-Tracking On Its Health Care Reform Lies

Can you remember as far back as the run up to health care reform vote?

I ask this with just a certain amount of sarcasm, as I'm noticing that so many of my fellow Americans seem to suffer from both short and long term memory dysfunction.  For example, why are people ragging on Obama for getting us into the life-sucking quicksand of Afghanistan's history when it was Bush who took us there, then dallied while exploiting the oil-rich potential of Iraq with a war of invasion and occupation?

OK! I am digressing.  But do you remember what all the Medicare dis-Advantage lobbyists were spending millions of dollars to say to you?  Didn't it go something like this, "If Obama-care passes you'll lose your Medicare benefits".  Or something along those lines, right?  Oh yeah, and death panels, don't forget those damned old death panels.

Well, one of my sources has today provided me with a letter from SecureHorizons, the Medicare "Advantage" plan of healthcare insurance giant, Humana.

 "Your existing plan is not changing".  Well lordy me, Obama-care did not wipe out Medicare after all. And to my certain knowledge, there are no death panels being formed.

There is only one reason people (and giant insurance companies) lie.  That is to hide the truth!  The only reason this letter war necessary was to clean up from the lies Humana used to scare the living hell out of retirees and seniors---now they're having to back track.  It would be hilarious were it not so ludicrously tragic!


Anonymous said...

Sorry to burst your bubble - and we love your recount off politics. You have a Medicare Supplement not a Medicare Advantage plan...obviously you are ranting and you don't know what you are talking about.

The Obama camp is cutting funding to Medicare Advantage plans that will reduce benefits and increase premiums...they never said anything about Medicare Supplements...unfortunatly you are just paying too much for it....all supplements are the same by law...do some research United of Omaha has the best rates for plan F and they have nothing to do with the double talking AARP.

Dave Fliflet - IOWA

Anonymous said...

its people like you that talk before they know what they ar talking about that is the problem - we are not in love with Humana or United Health Care, but don't spew incorrect info. There will be many seniors who have those plans that will loose benefits.

Shane Fox said...

Dave, I appreciate your comments and also would appreciate your timely apology for your snarky but erroneous and ill-advised attempt to correct me.

I. Humana purchased Secure Horizons in 2008!

2. SecureHorizons® MedicareDirect health care plans are Private Fee For Service (PFFS) plans offered under the federal Medicare Advantage program.

We agree about AARP, as I am with the Alliance for Retired Americans, a progressive grassroots activist organization fighting to protect and preserve Social Security and Medicare.

And I disagree that I am "the problem", I and millions like me are part of the solution.