16 September 2010

The Tea Party: Racing To History's Garbage Pail

People are taking the so-called Tea Party far more seriously than it deserves.  It is not a new "movement".  It is the same 25-30%, or so, of the population, that has always been there, living in delusion and fantasy of creating a 18th-century nation where one can move on when the closest neighbor's smoke becomes visible, and never have to pay taxes, or pay attention to any authority other than personal whim or that which comes to them in dreams.

For the most part...nah..actually every damned one of them is willfully ignorant, anti-intellectual, pseudo-populist, and filled with misplaced anger at what they call big government, wasteful spending, an invasion of hordes of "illegals" they believe are taking jobs and sopping up socials services.  They will scream in your face that President Obama is a Kenyan, Socialist, Muslim, Terrorist bent on the destruction of America and enslavement its people.  According to that philandering fool, Newt Gingrich, who is obsessively pandering to them, those of us who support the president are part of his "Socialist Secular Machine!"  They make no effort to conceal their racism and xenophobia.  Many of them mouth Christian platitudes, which they in turn belie with hideously un-Christian characterizations of all that they oppose.

They are overwhelmingly white, extremely emotional, middle-aged, and affluent enough to show up at day-time, workday rallies,  incoherently angry and red-faced from self-induced frustration. They really are no more than the descendants of the same lunatic fringe that supported the likes of Barry Goldwater, George Wallace and Ross Perot.  They are later day John Birchers.  They are the "same as it always was" collection of butt-scratching, nose-picking, fly-caressing, nincompoops who gave Goldwater 39% of the popular vote in 64, Wallace 14% in 68, and Perot 19% in 92.  On average, over time, that is 24% of the popular vote...hardly the "tidal wave of change" sweeping America narrative fostered and foisted by the corporate media.

If  a plebiscite were held today on the George W. Bush tax-cuts for the wealthy, only 31% would support them.  Note, that number keeps showing up; people who still support our latest wars of invasion and occupation, or support the excesses of the Bush administration or claim identity with the "tea party". 31% of the population gone moon-barking, car-chasing nuts!

Were it not for an inept and incestuous corporate media in search of a simplified narrative to explain the extraordinarily complex world of American politics, and primarily reporting on each other, and itself,  these nincompoops would not even be in the public awareness.

You can bet last summer's straw hat against a stale doughnut that they're not going to get a hell of lot of money from the GOP.  AND, believe this, they might pass the hat at rallies, but they sure as hell aren't going to gin up any big-time contributions among themselves, seeing as how broke paying taxes keeps them!

The garbage pail of history where lie Perot, Wallace, Goldwater, Bush, John Birch, awaits them after this little flurry!

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Fuck you, you commie