26 October 2008

American Newspaper endorsements: O=155, Mc=57

Alaska's Biggest Paper Endorses...Obama
Alaska's biggest paper, The Anchorage Daily News, has endorsed Barack Obama for president, despite -- or at least partly because -- its state governor's presence on the opposing ticket. - October 26, 2008 12:45 PM ET

: Obama Gets Baltimore, Minneapolis, Hartford, Charlotte, St. Pete -- Phoenix and Cincy Go for McCain.

Obama now has picked up over 30 papers that endorsed Bush in 2004.

The Hartford Courant, the oldest continuous publishing newspaper in the country (I think), is to endorse Obama, making it only the second Democratic endorsement in its history.

The Hartford Courant editorial faulted McCain for his choice of running mate. “With so many capable people to choose from, Mr. McCain’s pick of a governor with such a thin resume was disappointing. It’s a wonder how Mr. McCain can make his Democratic rival out to be too green to be commander-in-chief when his Republican running mate is so vulnerable on that point,” writes The Courant.

The Baltimore Sun: "Senator Obama is a relative newcomer on the national stage. But he has proved to be that rarest of public servants, an inspirational leader who would transcend any enduring racial barriers and call upon the best in the American character, a public servant who also possesses the finely honed political skills necessary to turn the nation's highest ideals into practical policies that benefit citizens."

Meanwhile, ever opportunistic and shamelessly ambitious, Sarah Palin, has begun her campaign for the 2012 Presidential race, according to the Votemaster over at ElectoralVote.com.

"Politico is reporting that Sarah Palin has had enough with what her handlers are telling her to do. She blames them for her increasingly negative public image and wants to be herself. Some people are interpreting this as the start of her 2012 presidential campaign."

And, if you're tracking the campaign down to the Nth degree, Obama now projects 375 Electoral Votes to McCain's 157. And, you ask, how does this compare to this day in 2004? Bush had 285 and Kerry 247.

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