16 October 2008

McCain - Obama: The old fellow has lost it!

I really do not know what would be worse, having people feeling sorry for you or having people making fun of you. Either would be a dreadfully piteous thing to face up to.

After last night's debate, poor John McCain is getting a heaping helping of both and, truthfully, I am feeling just a tad sorry for him. It is reported today that a Florida pollster assembled a focus group last night, which had, by the mid way point, disintegrated into snickers at McCain's responses and face makings.

I feel sorrow in the same way I feel for older people who have given up their driving privileges, or who battle incontinence, or flatulence. People, who at one time moved through live doing their thing without making fools of themselves or behaving in such a way to draw the pity or snickering of others.

Regardless one's politics or personal views regarding John McCain, we all can agree, I should hope, that at one time he was dynamic and formidable. However, that was then, and this is now. Voters are moving away from him faster than the grandchildren from the oldsters passing gas or leaving damp spots on the living room furniture.

I offer the video below as evidence of what I'm talking about. Obama sandbagged McCain, McCain gaped and never recovered his composure. He looked confused and befuddled, and you felt like that last ride with grandpa (before he gave up driving) and you had to shout "The light's turned green three-times, gran-dah, we need to go through the intersection this time", and he turned with that look that told you he was somewhere else in a very different time with someone other than you.

Watch it. This is too sad to take any pleasure from it. But it is clearly one of those moments which cause the family to exchange looks and start to quietly make future plans!

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