10 October 2008

McCain: Quisling - Manchurian Candidate (The Unanswered Questions)

I suppose that I have what it takes to be a politician because I am about to hold my nose and do something that I find morally repugnant and personally reprehensible. I am going to engage in negative, personal attack against John McCain basing it on innuendo, guilt by association, and the planting of doubt about his character, honesty, and courage.

I am doing this to make the point that the current attacks by McPalin against Senator Obama claiming his link to terrorists and his criticism of the Iraq occupation and war in Afghanistan are undermining of American troops is a sword with a double edge. Or putting it in language and age level that Palin would grasp, Obama is rubber, you are glue, what bounces off him sticks on you.

But, the McPalin attacks raise some interesting issues. What do we really know of John McCain and his time as a POW? There are so many unanswered questions about "that one". Why did many of his fellows call him the "Songbird" when he was a POW? How was it that he was able to get preferential medical treatment from a Russian doctor while a POW. When Ayers was doing his bad things, Obama was a little boy of only eight years--but, John McCain was an adult, in the hands the Vietnamese cat's paws of Russia. Could he have been brain-washed?

You see! Unanswered questions about McCain abound. There are more.

Why has he done everything that could be done to derail accountability regarding Vietnam's continued failure to account for American POWs and MIAs. Why? What deal was struck?

Could he have been brainwashed? Certainly he would have been a prime candidate; few demonstrated moral convictions, a child of privilege (others in his situation were subjected to different standards) unused to accountability or rigor, and a young man who had no achievement or accomplishment other than "skating by." Don't we remember these as the principal conditions under which a person could be "brainwashed".

Yes, there are many unanswered questions about "this one's" background and secrets. Consider his legendary temper tantrums and outbursts of rage. Aren't these signals of an unstable psyche, of someone not entirely in control of their emotions...someone who has been brainwashed!

OK, there it is. I could go on, but will not. I haven't even brought up his associations with Zionist one-worlders or South African racists. By now you get the point. It is easy enough to smear anyone. We are all vulnerable. Our motives, associations and actions all could be subjected to scrutiny and unfairly cast in an unfavorable light. What I would caution McPalin is to attend to the simple truth once uttered by that great social commentator and peer of the realm, Sir Mick Jagger, "What Goes Around Comes Around".

Here's a couple of examples of how that would work:

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