24 March 2010

Damned Fool Republicans Keep On Helping Democrats

Shortly after Republican Scott Brown won the Massachusetts Senate seat made vacant by Ted Kennedy's death Republicans began basking in a self-anointed glory of self-ordained political ascendancy.

They were fools to do so then and they are now even more foolish to think that their continued attempts to head off or "repeal" health care reform will provide them the basis for recovering a majority in the House in Senate come this November.

Here's why that "Old dog won't hunt", and in fact won't even crawl out from under the porch to wag its tail.

Imagine a campaign wherein a Republican says; "We're going to go back to a system wherein children can be denied health insurance because of a preexisting condition". That ought to play well with soccer moms and NASCAR dads don't you think?

Or, "Hey small business operator, we're going to make it really tough on you by repealing your tax credits of up to 50% of your employee's health care premiums".

Or, "Listen up grandma and grandpa, we want to leave open that doughnut hole in your drug coverage that has you paying premiums but having no benefits." You have not seen anger until you've experienced that of a senior denied what they feel they've earned through a long and productive life!

Or, "We need to have pity on those poor Insurance companies and restore annual and lifetime caps on what they'll pay once you became ill or injured."

Or, "It makes sense to cut your coverage once you start to use it. If those insurance company margins come down to 25%, well hell, we might not get taken to lunch, on trips, or get memberships to exclusive country clubs. And that there would be bad, real, real b-a-a-a-d!"

Or, "You rural folks just need to move into the city if you want Medicare payment protection".

Now let's say that they managed to shivvy enough gullible folks into giving them the votes whereby they could actually leverage some sort of repeal legislation, do they really think President Obama would sign it?

So hell yes Republicans, keep it up! You think you got an ass-whipping in 2008, well, you ain't seen nothing yet.

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