01 March 2010

Watch Out Conservative & Blue Dog Democrats : The Progressives Are Coming!

The internal fight between core-value progressives and the middle of the road, "take what they'll let you have" Democrats has now taken form in a race for one of Arkansas' Senatorial seats.

Conservative Democrat, Blanche Lincoln, who did so much harm and aroused the ire of progressive Democrats during the health care reform process, is being challenged in that state's Democratic primary by a prominent and much-liked Democrat with impeccably strong progressive credentials, Lieutenant Governor, Bill Halter .

Halter has already captured the support of many progressive groups including; Progressive Change Campaign committee, Moveon.Org, Democracy for America and Daily Kos. His campaign is coordinating a fund-raising campaign with these groups targeting $500,000 this week.

This is an important match-up to see if progressives have gained the strength to return to the core values of the Democratic Party over the more pragmatic who claim they have to be more conservative in order to win.

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