02 March 2010

TEXAS Primary Today--VOTE (Our Suggestions)


Polls close at 7:00 pm:

We have made no endorsements at this point, however, we do recommend voting in the Democratic primary as none of the Republican candidates offer any progressive credentials!

While we are not yet issuing formal endorsements, we do have several recommendations for contested statewide races.

Governor: Bill White > The most experienced candidate with good name recognition - Electable over Perry in the upcoming general election!

Lieutenant Governor: Ronnie Earle > While I cringe at adult men who carry a diminutive into their adult life, Mr. Earle deserves consideration if for no other reason than he has carried forward investigations into both Tom DeLay's and Kay Bailey Hutchison's alleged wrongdoings.

Agriculture Commission: Hank Gilbert > Hank is probably the closest thing to a real democrat and real Texan in any of the races. Certainly more qualified for office than his rival; political dilettante, Kinky Friedman.

Commissioner of the General Land Office: No Preference > Either Hector Uribe or Bill Burton would serve well in this office and we have no clear preference despite Burton's slight edge in experience.

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