29 March 2010

There Is A Reason They Are Called Wing-Nuts!

The crazies on the right. Is there no end to their madness?

Not only no, but hell no!  The car-chasing, baying at the moon crowd from the right are now up in arms over the constitutionally mandated census.  Never mind that the census is used to apportion things such as federal funding for schools and that congressional seats and the size of the electoral college are both based on the numbers--numbers go down, you lose seats, numbers up, you gain seats.

Here are some of their wilder claims:

The census will provide the basis for citizen round-ups by United Nations personnel  after President Obama hands over control of the nation to foreign troops.

Linking the census to GPS coordinates will allow the federal government to "target with drones" undesirables.

President Obama intends to use the census to undermine border control so that the left has a "permanent ruling majority" with the help of "illegal aliens".

And under the category of Nowhere Else but Texas, we have only returned 27% of our  completed census forms compared to 34% nationwide.  And, this oughta tickle you; some of our counties with the lowest return rate are predominately Republican which could wind up costing the Republicans congressional districts and electoral votes in the 2012 presidential election.

And to top it off, you have this madness from every lunatic's favorite House member, Minnesota's very own Michele Bachmann, which is so bizarre that a Fox News interviewer does a double-take.

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