21 December 2010

An Interactive, Secular-Humanist X-Mas Card

We are celebrating the Holiday Season in the best mithraic tradition in high anticipation of the approaching climax of the saturnalia, and will resume our writings on Monday, December 27th.

Meanwhile, click on the link below for your very own interactive, secular-humanist X-mas card!

Did you know that the puritans banned christmas celebrations for several decades?  And, that the bible makes absolutely no reference to christmas?  And were you aware that biblical scholars agree that Jesus, according to biblical writings, could not have been born in December---and most likely was born in March, September, or perhaps early November.  You should also know that what we now call "christmas" was essentially a pagan celebration up until Pope Gregory the First, sometime around 600 AD, commanded his bishops to merge local practices into church rituals in order to expand the church's influence.

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