14 December 2010

A Progressive Rallying Point: 2012

Last week, I wrote, and copied here, a letter to President Obama, asking him to exercise the political fortitude and personal courage to come before the American people and announce that he would not seek reelection in 2012, leaving the way open for the democratic wing of the Democratic Party to find a viable progressive candidate.  This, I strongly believe, would allow him to focus on doing his job for the American people, all of them--he so proudly claims to represent, without thought or worry to reelection or his place in history.

Of course he will not do anything of the sort.  And, if the response of his loyalists and apparatchiks over the past week are any indicator, he is going to entrench and move even further to the right.  But, we've hit a nerve and the reactions are predictable.  We need now to take the initiative.

Progressives, liberals and leftists are currently without much representation and not taken seriously by the corporate media.  We are told that if we mount any serious opposition to Obama and his coterie of neo-liberal economic advisers, we will fracture the Democratic Party, thereby insuring even deeper defeats than 2010.  Stuff and nonsense!  One of the "not being discussed at all" results of the 2010 elections is that democrats who tried to be centrists and moderate republicans LOST!  Democrats are already fractured, without platform, or true leadership.

So, what is left (hah) for a leftist, progressive, liberal to do?  Let me direct your worthy attention to this article, which lays out a vision, a starting point, and in current political jargon, a way forward.  Simply click HERE

We on the left; largely spurned by our own party, derided or blithely ignored by the corporate media, and ridiculed and made the strawman of all that is wrong with America by the rabid right, often feel alone and without organization or structure.  Not so.  Envision being a part of a unified progressive movement speaking with solidarity from a platform based on a spiritually humanistic world view.  Interested?  Click HERE

Together, we can!

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