02 December 2010

Texas State Rep. Leo Berman: A National Embarrassment

Texas state representative (REP-D6), Leo Berman, once again embarrasses himself and Texas with his outlandish insistence that President Obama is not an American citizen.  When confronted with facts by CNN's Anderson Cooper, he attempts to wiggle away with lies and falsehoods stacked upon internet right-wing, conspiracy-nut rumors.  Cooper annihilates him with documented facts.

Berman claims he is a decorated, retired army officer *(Artillery).  However a cursory web search yielded no supporting documentation, and since Berman has sponsored at least two bills building walls of secrecy around military service records, *(TX HB198 & HB199) one can use his rather feverish logic, and suppose he is hiding something from us.  All I could find, were mostly self-generated by him, supporters, or his staff.  He claims to be a colonel, but after his alleged 22-years of service, he seems to have only made the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.  In the military, that failure to make what is called "the colonel's list" is an indicator of some sort of problem!

I wonder if we can get him to release his DD214 for public scrutiny.

Indeed, it appears that full colonel rank (of which he so proudly boasts and struts) was an honorific bestowed on him by the Texas National Guard or Civil Air Patrol.  I was once the adjutant of a Marine Corp League chapter in Illinois, but do not wave that title in my personal or political life.  Nor do I attach it to my regular military service in the Marine Corps.

I've met Berman, twice, and unlike Will Rogers, I found a man I disliked.  He is, what we called in the Marine Corps, a "feather merchant", a wee little man suffering from the "short man's disease", with a battleship mouth and row-boat ass.  He spews a lot of bile and hate, and makes a lot of noise and gains a lot of media attention doing so.  But, as the current cliche' goes, upon close examination, there is just no there, there!



And, lest you think I am misconstruing this guy's idiocy, here, decide for yourself:

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