29 December 2010

Ten Things Right-Wingers Will Try to Destroy Economic Recovery

Isaiah J. Poole, Executive Editor of TomPaine.com has compiled a list of the top ten things the right-wing has for its legislative agenda  that will virtually insure the complete destruction of America's middle class.  Here, in order, is a condensed and abridged list of  the items on that agenda.  A link to the full article appearing on AlterNet follows:

1. Repeal Health-Care Reform

Never mind that there are 50-million  Americans now without coverage and repeal would cause an estimated $143-billion increase in the deficit from loss of projected savings and add 20-30 million more people to the uninsured.

2.  Restrain the Federal Government's Ability to Support Job-Creation

If they have their way, you can say goodbye to: Community Development Block Grants, new Small Business Administration initiatives, and the requirement that the Federal Reserve take employment impact into account when it sets monetary policy.

3.  Slash Federal Infrastructure Spending

Anyone remember a bridge collapse in Minnesota that killede rush hour commuters?  While other countries, such as China, are investing heavily in infrastructure, American politicians are hailed as heroes for rejecting projects designed to move goods and people effectively. Think a moment about what that implies for our ability to compete in the global economy.

4.  Dismantle Medicare (and Give Seniors "Vouchers")

Shifting increasing out-of-pocket costs onto seniors rather than restraining the growth of those costs by insurance companies would be one likely outcome of the so called "voucher" system.

5. Undo Financial Reform and Unleash The Predators

Imagine a crime wave in your city.  Now imagine a city council that puts fewer cops on the beat, makes certain the cops are docile, and that harasses those who are not.  Got it? 

6.  Support Big Oil and Kill Green Jobs

The conservatives would have the Environmental Protection Agency serve the polluters rather than the planet!

7.  Don't Just  Cut Government Waste; Cripple Government

George W. Bush said, "turning Clinton's surpluses into huge deficits was incredibly positive news" because it would put government in a "financial straitjacket."  Plans to reduce spending to 2008 levels would deepen the recession and cause the loss of hundreds of thousands more jobs.

8.  Amp up the Insecurity in Social Security

Cutting to the bone, Republicans want the $2.6 trillion trust fund to pay for tax breaks for the very wealthy and offset the costs of two wars.

9. Starve Public Education

Currently, one in four (*25%) of our nation's youths fail the Army Entrance Examination.  That is a problem, and the conservatives want to dismantle the very agency tasked with addressing the problem, the Department of Education.

10. Rob the Poor and Middle Income Americans to Give to the Wealthy

Cutting taxes on the rich and two unfunded wars caused the deficit, now conservatives want  to cut the things government does for the people in the name of reducing the deficit.

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