20 April 2009

Appomattox - Secession - Health Care - Socialism

OK, OK, you want to see how I tie these together. Here goes.

Recently, the Republican Governor of Texas, Rick Perry, in a nakedly blatant appeal to the "tea-bagging" rabble, allowed as to how he thought that Texas might ought to secede from the union in order to get the "federal government off our backs so we could run our state as we see fit."

I'll tell you what, if that old boy had a brain he'd take it out and roll it in the dirt, he'd kick a cow patty on a hot humid day, and squat back on his heels while wearing spurs. He's got to be dumber than a sack full of Brazos river sand.

That issue got settled, for once and all, April 9, 1865 at Appomattox! Dang old public education system just isn't what it once was. But, you'd think a governor would know stuff like that if a hooky-playing, pool hall-hanging, tough-guy wannabe like me learnt it!

And, just this morning some old mossback wrote into the local paper saying, in effect, that he didn't survive the great depression and fight in WWII just so Obama could bring about Socialism. One does wonder if he eschews his social security check, refuses Medicare, puts his money in non-FDIC insured banks, stays off the interstates, and refuses any medical treatment based on federally funded research or clinical trials. All such programs are forms of Socialism.

The truth is that the United States, like virtually all other developed nations, has a "mixed economy" of Capitalism and Socialism.

I'm thinking that the old fellow (85) probably thinks like Rick Perry and would don butternut and secede. Particularly if the Democrats succeed in establishing some form of universal health care.

Speaking of universal health care. That fight is on the horizon and will be front and center shortly. This time the Democrats have a large war chest, a vast line-up of organizations and public action groups aboard, and a meaningful and viable plan.

The Republicans? Well they've pretty much stated they're going to be against it, no matter what it is. But, have no plan of their own to put forth. Maybe they're thinking secession too.

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