03 April 2009

Republicans Are Insane!

If you have any doubt that the Republicans are full-blown, moon-barking, car-chasing lunatics just consider these few items.

One. They are floating the notion of a Palin - Jindal ticket for 2012. Ahem! Yeah, that is correct. Sarah Palin who has been dis-invited from the major Republican annual spring fund-raiser, the Senate-House Dinner. And who replaced her? you ask. Why that womanizing fraud, Newt Gingrich, of course. One anonymous Republican honcho said she's a "disaster". And like Newt is not?

Meanwhile, other Republicans are floating trial balloons of a 2012 ticket with a "disaster" at the top and that goofy little guy from Louisiana that gave that embarrassing and laugh provoking Republican response to President Obama's address to congress a few weeks ago.

One wonders if these people ever talk to each other. One disses Palin publically while others are promoting her as presidential material

Oh please let it be. Then the ass-kicking we gave them in 2008 will look like a school yard fracas by comparison.

Two. With what can only be called bizarre sincerity they first came out with a counter budget proposal, which had no details, earning the ridicule of even right-wing media outlets. Without proper shame or embarrassment they then head-huddled, burned the midnight oil and have come forth with yet another budget proposal...and, folks as the cliche goes, the Devil really is in the details.

No new discretionary spending for five years in the middle of a recession. One asks, how then might we create jobs and rebuild our infrastructure? Aside from this effort to stymie economic recovery their budget also offers tax cuts of 10% for the very same Wall Street Robber Barons who managed to run aground the financial ship-of-state.

There's more, but that should be enough to convince the more rational among us that the only sensible thing to do with the Republicans is to chain them to a tree in the backyard. Isn't that what one does with an egg-sucking, car-chasing dog?

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