17 April 2009

Obama Gets Serious About Medicare

Today, in its Friday Alert to members, the Alliance for Retired Americans reports...

In a speech at Georgetown University on Tuesday, President Obama assessed economic recovery efforts, linking health care costs to broader economic problems and speaking of the need for health care reform to reign in the expenses of Medicare and Medicaid.

He also called on Congress to "get serious" and stop postponing difficult decisions in order to accomplish health care reform this year.

Laying out his vision for America's economic future,the President restated the role of Social Security as part of a secure retirement, speaking of a need to focus on the program's long-term stability after health care reform is achieved.

"The high cost of health care in this country is not just emptying the pockets of retirees, it is emptying the pockets of America," said Edward Coyle, Executive Director of the Alliance for Retired Americans.

"By eliminating wasteful spending like over payments to private insurance companies for Medicare Advantage plans, we can take the first step toward getting our economy back on track and having quality, affordable health care for our citizens," Coyle said.

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