28 April 2009

Things I seriously Wonder About

Am I the only one who sees the brutal irony of the Fox network's decision to bypass President Obama's press conference in favor of its weekly program, "Lie to Me"? The other principle networks have announced that they will carry the press conference. But then, they don't lie to us quite as much as does Fox, now do they?

Why do we permit retailers to foist off on us ill-fitting clothing botched together in some off shore sweatshop? For example; try to find a pair of men's socks that do not have a constrictive rubber band like thing at the top--used to be that men's socks were woven in such a way that the tops naturally held tight against the calf, no rubber bands, or men's trousers with "odd" inseams such as 29, 31, 33, or men's boxer shorts cut to a specific waist size rather than elasticized waist bands designed to fit many sizes--that elastic rubs raw those of us with "sensitive" skin.

Does Dick Cheney still hunt? Who is foolhardy enough to hunt with him?

What is George W. Bush going to do with that 100-thousand acre ranch down in Paraguay? Does Paraguay honor extradition treaties? It has long been a refuge for Nazi war criminal and bank robbers on the lam. Bush would fit in with that crowd.

Why are we even having a debate about torture? We executed Japanese soldiers after WWII for waterboarding American GIs, it was torture then and no roomful of Republican pettifoggers alters the simple fact that it remains torture.

If we can bail out banks, the financial industry, defaulting home-buyers, the insurance industry and newspapers, why is it that I'm only getting a measly $250 from Social Security next month?

How can it be that some of the loudest opponents of same-sex marriage are people who have been married multiple times? Seems divorce, i.e. sequential monogamy, threatens the traditional institution of marriage one hell of a lot more than does a couple people declaring their love and committment.

How is it that every damned C-store in town charges precisely the same amount for gasoline at the pump and go up or down virtually at the same time? Who throws that switch?

If a PET-scan can detect cancer, even in its very early stages, why do doctors not order one for every patient as a part of their annual check-ups? Could it be that the cancer-industry plays a role.

Why do cars now cost more than my first home did?

Why do some regular homes cost more than my parents earned in their entire lives?

Why can't I find shoes with regular stiched on soles and heels instead of prefab glued on soles? What happens if I only want to replace the heels?

Am I the only one so old as to be able to remember, "Two-dollars regular and check the tires" or "Would you like me to check your hood, sir?"

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