27 April 2009

Republicans Killed Flu Pandemic Monies!

Every time, I feel myself, out of some misguided sense of political fairness, ready to cut the Republicans some slack, they pop to the surface like dead roaches in the punch bowl at the annual church potluck.

Damn these people, they ain't even got a lick of sense.

During the debate over the stimulus bill, yeah that one! Democrats wanted to include $900-million dollars for "pandemic" preparedness. That great humanitarian and renowned public health expert, Karl Rove, encouraged Republican senators to kill the proposal. And they did!

Susan Collins (R-Maine), an equally renowned nitwit, back in February boasted of her role in killing the proposal while belittling those who put it forth.

And here's the duplicity of it all. On her website she boasts of killing the measure and saving money for the fine citizens on Maine while she also sends out a press release of her work on behalf of Homeland Security in which she includes, yep---you guessed it, "pandemic preparedness".

Watch me closely. If I ever so much as look as though I'm about to cut any Republican, anywhere, anytime; even so much as one half-an-inch of slack, you have my permission to "dope slap" me!

I'd deserve it.

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