10 June 2009

President Obama Should Release the Torture Photos

Mr. President...Release the damned torture pictures will you?

If for no other reason than it will throw the republicans into yet another hissy fit and I so love watching and listening and they snort and fart, and huff and puff like old "Yosemite Sam" in those Bugs Bunny cartoons from back in the day. In a way they're so cute when they do that, not lovable mind you, just cute in a weird cartoon character sort of way. And about as relevant to today's world.

Can't you just imagine it: "Carnsarned, ritzen splitzen, winking blinking, fritter splatten varmit went and released those goldarned pictures".

But what is not funny and what is not one carnsarned, goldarned bit cute is turncoat Joe Lieberman and the insipid Lindsey Graham posturing before the world threatening to "use any means necessary to keep the photos hidden".

I will put aside, for this issue, that Lieberman does a better job of representing the interests of the Knesset than the people of his state and Lindsey Graham is a futile little hop toad of a man wholly unworthy of the office he holds, and focus on the more important issue.

That issue is very simple and straight forward. Truth will out!

The torture happened and there is photographic evidence and at some point, probably sooner than later, they will show up in magazines, newspapers or online. Furthermore, we've already seen glimmerings and heard the descriptions of some of them. Truthfully, haven't we, in our mind's eye, reviewed each and every one of them? Listen up! The secret is already out. The world knows and our enemies have been, and this moment continue, using that knowledge against us.

The notion that somehow releasing the pictures will make things more dangerous for Americans at home and abroad is utterly specious and ridiculously absurd. Our enemies already want us dead in any way they can make it happen and releasing the photos will not increase their resolve one iota.

It should not have happened, but it did. Continuing to conceal the reality from the American people and the rest of the world under the canard that things will become more dangerous just does not suffice. There is more to it than that. Something else is at work. Something darker and more complex than what we're being told. And, that too will eventually come to light, it always does.

Were I in the position to do so, I would caution the President that this issue could very well be the cancer that nullifies his effectiveness. One never does well by attempting to hide things from the American people. Doubt me? Ask Nixon, Reagan, Bush the Elder, Clinton, and Bush the Lesser and each will tell you they came a cropper when trying to lie, mislead, conceal, or obfuscate in dealings with We the People.

So. Lieberman and Graham, shut the hell up. And, Mr. President release the damned photos and move on already!

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