12 June 2009

Sarah Palin, Letterman, & Slutty Flight Attendant Look

Whew boy, and heck dang howdy!

The Palins have the conservatives all whipped up into a frenzy of umbrage and high dander over some risque remarks made by David Letterman on the occasion of their recent visit to New York.

During his monologue, Letterman commented on the "slutty flight attendant Look" that Sarah cultivates and that during the seventh inning stretch of a ball game, Bristol Palin was knocked up by Alex Rodriguez. In case you're not plugged into baseball Alex Rodriguez is a player, who in the vernacular, sleeps around a bit. And, of course Bristol's status as a single mom has been exploited for political purposes before by her parents during the presidential campaign.

Between us more cultured folks, the "jokes" were lame, tawdry and in poor taste and hardly all that funny (except maybe that flight attendant thing). But, when you tune in Letterman, that's what you're going to get.

The idiot Palins, instead of letting it go, have chosen to misconstrue the remarks as being about the younger daughter Willow instead of Bristol and in so doing have the conservatives in an uproar. And instead of shielding their daughter from morbid public speculation, they have, once again, thrust her into the center of controversy for political gain. And, in a very weird side note, that notorious fool Sean Hannity and conservative columnist, S. E. Cupp blame it all on President Obama, saying, in effect, that Obama's "permissive" attitude creates the climate for such "attacks". Idiocy reigns supreme among these people.

Letterman had this to say about the flap:

Always classless, the Palins have responded with the comment that they will not appear on Letterman "to give him a ratings boost" and they think it best they "keep their daughter away from that man." Did I mention idiots?

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