23 June 2009

Texas Dems Have A Death Wish

If you needed any further proof that Texas Democrats have a full-blown death wish please consider this.

Three days ago, the Houston Chronicle reported in a copyright story that Bush crony and Iraq invasion and occupation apologist, Tom Schieffer, will today announce his plans to run for governor of Texas---get this: As a DEMOCRAT!

This is the guy that Bush appointed as his ambassador to Australia and who supported the WMD Big Lie, the invasion and occupation of Iraq and indefinite detention of terror suspects at Guantanamo Bay. Running as a Democrat for crissakes! Lies are honesty, love is hate, and...ok, ok the whole Orwellian 1984 thing gets overused, but as a Democrat? How nuts is that?

Schieffer says that he believes the Republicans have moved too far to the right and that running as a centrist he can win in a state that has been dominated by far-right reactionary republicans for several decades. Excuse me, Tom. But, how in the hell can anyone get to the right of support of the Iraq invasion and occupation, belief in Sadam's WMDs, and the illegal and immoral indefinite detention of untried and non-convicted suspects? Tom, me boyo, them there's not Democratic nor centrist beliefs. And not to belabor the point, they are not American values either!

Harris County Democratic Chairman Gerry Brinberg was reported to have said that he recently heard Schieffer make a compelling case for his loyalty to Democratic values and a general election victory. But, he continued, there is a distinct possibility progressives will not buy it.

Gerry, Gerry Gerry. You think? Talk about having a marvelous grasp of the obvious.

And likely opponents so far; Kinky Friedman and state Senator Leticia Van de Putte of San Antonio and on the Republican side we'll see Kay Bailey-Hutchison taking on Rick Perry.

Now excuse me as I go throw myself under a freekin' bus!

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