24 June 2009

Trolling the Polling!

Alright, I know. But it is kind of catchy, now isn't it. "Trolling the Polling", and here's what you catch. The majority of us like and approve of what Obama's doing and most of us repudiate the Republicans and their silliness.

For starters, let's look at the latest (June 21) Gallup breakdown:

Overall 59% of us approve. With 90% of Democrats approving, 55% of Independents approving and 23% of Republicans approving. Let's note at this time that overall the highest approval ratings that Republicans themselves have is 36% in a recent ABC/WaPo poll.

The age cohorts giving approval to Obama are striking in that he is looked upon favorably by all age groups with a slight week-to-week increase among the oldest Americans. Age 18-29 gives him a 67% approval rating, age 30-49 = 58%, age 50-64 = 59%, and age 65+ = 53%.

African-Americans approve by 95%, Whites by 53%, Hispanic by 72% and those living in the East approve by 56%, Midwesterners by 59%, Southerners by 54% and those in the West by 58%.

It is clear that most of us, regardless our race, age or region heartily approve of the job our President is doing. The message behind these numbers is quite clear. Despite the efforts of the corporate media and the right-wing noise machine to have us believe otherwise, there is no real disenchantment with President Obama or erosion of our support for him. Instead, we are thoroughly disgusted and turned off by the continued posturing and "sand in the gears" politics of the GOP.

To the contrary, let us peek at how Republicans are faring in the polls.

And, just to ice the cake, Americans now rate Obama ahead of congressional republicans (55% to 34%) in the handling of terrorism.

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