22 July 2009

Health Care Reform - The House Bill

America's Affordable Health Choices Act - Here is what the House legislation will mean for America's middle class families...

GUARANTEED COVERAGE - The days of being denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition - or being forced to pay higher premiums because of it - would be over thanks to the House bill. Insurance companies will also be prohibited from other discriminatory practices like charging higher rates because of gender, health status, or other factors.

GREATER CHOICE - If you like your doctor, your local hospital, or your current insurance plan, you can keep it under the House bill. It also sets up a health insurance exchange to act as a marketplace where individuals and small employers will be able to comparison-shop among private and public insurers.

LOWER COSTS FOR EVERYONE - The House bill would lower health care costs for all Americans. It ends co-pays and deductibles for preventative care and puts an end to rate increases for pre-existing conditions. It will give you access to the lower group rates from a national pool if you buy your own plan. It also includes a public option to compete with private insurers and caps annual out-of-pocket spending to prevent bankruptcy from medical expenses.

HIGHER QUALITY - The House bill makes sure that you and your doctor make health care decisions, not insurance companies. It provides new incentives, scholarships, and training to encourage the very best and brightest to become doctors and nurses.

PREVENTION AND WELLNESS - The House bill also expands community health centers, strengthens wellness and prevention services, provides oral, hearing, and vision care for children, and ensures that mental health care is covered.

Despite this great step forward, the real fight for health care reform is still just getting started. President Obama needs your help to fight the lies, attacks, and scare tactics being used right now by the Republicans and their special interest friends. Take the time to let your representatives and Senators know that you support Health Care Reform now and not at some time in the distant future.

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