29 July 2009

There Are Loonies Among Us - I Blame Reagonomics

OK, spare me the e-mails, I know this is not politically correct, well-informed or one bit sensitive, but there are people among us who belong in the loony bin. Some even have positions of high visibility and some amount of import. CNN's Lou Dobbs comes to mind.

This crack-brained, mentally deficient jackass, who once rode the crest of the xenophobic wave of vilification of undocumented workers from Mexico, is now pandering to the slobbering morons who have taken up the notion that President Obama can't really be the president since he is not truly an American. Yep, people actually believe and espouse that line of racist crap.

Those people, before Reaganomics closed down the state mad-houses and insane asylums, would have been gibbering their nonsense wearing straight jackets in rubber cushioned rooms while waiting their electroshock, lobotomies and Thorazine injections. I told you this was not going to be politically correct, but then, let's understand this, truth and history very often are not.

At least they would be causing no harm.

This idiotic and utterly insane notion regarding Obama's birth has been rebutted repeatedly and now even Dobbs' colleagues at CNN are distancing themselves from him faster than from the flatulent guy in the movie theater.

CNN president, Jon Klein, has refuted the absurd notion that Obama is not truly a US citizen by birth. But, and it's a big, big BUT, Klein has not done anything to quell Dobbs' incitement of those loonies who should be in some sort of protective mental facility.

Now, MoveOn.org has created an online petition to "The Most Trusted Name in News" to quickly resolve the Lou Dobbs problem in a credible manner.

It reads, in part, "Dobbs' relentless promotion of outlandish conspiracy theories that President Barack Obama's birth certificate seriously damages CNN's credibility..."

Simply click on the MoveOn link highlighted above and join with me in signing the petition. Otherwise, I'm sending someone after your butt with a butterfly net!

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